Control Room - SIA Security personnel monitor site security systems, building management systems and closed-circuit television systems (CCTV). These personnel complete specific training, which includes the operation, monitoring and testing of alarm panels, security cameras, monitoring systems and communications.

Access Control - Security officers who ensure the integrity of controlled access points by denying entry of all unauthorised personnel. Key elements include registering visitors, production of access and photo identification cards, conducting identification checks and searches. Comprehensive guidelines are followed for differing security threat levels.

Patrols & Alarm response - You can trust our highly-trained and experienced Patrol Officers to look after your premises – whether it is industrial, commercial or residential. We monitor our patrol fleet via the latest GPS tracking and technology, so we always know what is happening, and can quickly respond to any alarm or incident anywhere in the country. This patrol tracking technology also allows us the ability to provide our clients with evidence of service delivery, ensuring traceability and accountability. This guarantees that the service you are paying for is the service that you are receiving.

Our Patrol Unit services an extensive range of patrol clients across different industries. Examples of premises that can benefit from a professional security patrol service include:

  • Shopping & Retail Centres
  • Education Facilities such as schools and universities
  • Financial Institutions
  • Recreation Centres
  • Construction Sites
  • Industrial Sites
  • Factories
  • Commercial Properties
  • Nursing Homes and;
  • Private Residence
  • Manned-guarding - You need to be able to rely on your security Company to provide trustworthy, dependable and professional Security Guards. We understand that our Security Guards are often the first person your visitors see when entering your premises. Image, professionalism, and customer service are essential, that is why we are committed to only employ the best Security Guards. Our Security Guards pride themselves on always upholding a professional and courteous approach whilst first and foremost protecting the interests of the client. All of SIA Security Guards are required to undergo stringent screening and training requirements in addition to their SIA training. When Security Guards are assigned to a site, our quality standards then ensure that they receive additional security training specific to the client/ site they are protecting. This includes emergency procedures, site contacts, fire safety, and more depending on the requirements of the assignment With regular, ongoing training through our Training provider to ensure their skills are current, our Security Guards excel in all aspects of security operations including security related laws and regulations.

    Our highly efficient Security Guards can also act as concierges – if you require a friendly, yet strong presence to protect the physical security of your property, assets, staff and guests, our Security Guards are the perfect solution. Our Security Guards will not only maintain a strong physical presence to deter and detect criminal activity, they can also:

  • Greet guests and staff and assisting with any enquiries
  • Monitor the arrival of staff/ visitors and ensure the safety and security of the building
  • Provide security outside of the building and notify the proper authorities if staff/ guest safety is of concern
  • Respond to emergencies such as fire alarms or first aid request, maintaining order and assisting staff/ guests to follow proper procedures to ensure safety
  • Answer the telephone and assist with queries where possible
  • Signing in of Visitors/ staff and contractors